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Welcome to KAU-CRIAR online, the digital partner of the new KAU-CRIAR center for Innovation and Opportunities.

Kau-Criar Online is an all-in-one digital portal created to compliment and deepen the support provided to entrepreneurs, and start-ups by the Kau-Criar Center. Think of it as a vibrant hub that expands the reach, services, and resources available to you and your business. Collaborate, connect, learn, market, and grow your business all in one place.


Whether you’re looking for funding, seeking connections with like-minded individuals, searching for a business or service provider, or looking to invest in Guinea-Bissau, KAU-CRIAR Online has got you covered. It’s your one-stop destination for all things entrepreneurship and in Guinea-Bissau. Join now and take your business to new heights!

More About KAU-CRIAR Online

Introducing the KAU-CRIAR Digital Platform, your gateway to entrepreneurial success and economic growth in Guinea-Bissau.

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More About the KAU-CRIAR Center

The Kau-CRIAR Center for Innovation & Opportunities is a unique co-working space equipped with valuable resource for accelerating business development in Guinea-Bissau.

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