3. Scope of Work

  • The ICT Support Associate will undertake the following key actions:
  •  Implementation of ICT management systems and strategies.
  •  Effective functioning of the CO hardware and software packages.
  • Supports networks administration.
  • Provides administrative support.
    facilitation of knowledge building and knowledge sharing in the CO.
    DocuSign Envelope ID: 45F16582-ED6D-4CD6-944A-73E43C132581
    1. Supports implementation of ICT management systems and strategies, focusing on achievement of
    the following results:
    Compliance with corporate information management and technology standards, guidelines and
    procedures for the CO technology environment.
    Support to the use of Atlas (UNDP’s implementation of ERP) functionality for improved business
    results and improved client services.
    Provision of inputs to the CO administrative business processes mapping and implementation of
    the internal standard operating procedures (SOPs).
    Provision of inputs to preparation of results-oriented workplans.
    2. Ensures effective functioning of the CO hardware and software packages, focusing on the
    achievement of the following results:
    Performance of specific technical functions, including changing of hardware electronic
    components (disks, memories, network wiring, power sources, etc.) and routine repairs.
    Assistance in the installation of commercial and in-house developed software and related
    Assistance in upgrading patch and anti-virus programs on a timely basis.
    Monitoring of file server traffic, usage and performance on a frequent and regular basis.
    Support to users in backing up and restoring their files, as well as in virus detection, removal and
    3. Supports networks administration, focusing on achievement of the following results:
    Assistance in trouble-shooting and monitoring of network problems.
    Response to user needs and questions regarding network access.
    Assistance in backup and restoration procedures for local drives. Maintenance of backup logs.
    Assistance to organization of off-site storage of backups.
    4. Provides administrative support, focusing on achievement of the following results:
     Maintenance of an up-to-date inventory of software and hardware.
     Maintenance of a library of ICT related reference materials.
     Maintenance of the inventory and stock of supplies and spare parts in cooperation with the
    Procurement Unit.
     Maintenance of the filing system ensuring safekeeping of confidential materials.
     Extraction of data from various sources.
     Research and retrieval of l data from internal and external sources; preparation of statistical
    charts, tables and reports as required.
     Provision of ICT support to key events.
    5. Ensures facilitation of knowledge building and knowledge sharing in the CO, focusing on
    achievement of the following results:
     Participation and assistance in the organization of training for the CO staff on ICT issues.
     Sound contributions to knowledge networks and communities of practice
    4. Institutional Arrangement
    Under the guidance of the Deputy Resident Representative (Operations) and the direct supervision of the
    head of the ICT Unit, the ICT Support Associate will focus on the areas of computer operations, user and
    desktop support (hardware and software), helpdesk. Performs a variety of information technology
    DocuSign Envelope ID: 45F16582-ED6D-4CD6-944A-73E43C132581
    support duties to ensure smooth delivery of technology services. Monitors, operates, or coordinates and
    assists others in the operation of computer hardware, software, and peripherals in order to achieve
    desired results. Updates supervisor on status of support work


closing date: 24 November 2023

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